Welcome To The Exclusive Launch Of The Best Amazon Seller HelpDesk

SellerDesk is the only ticket system designed by Amazon Sellers specifically FOR Amazon Sellers. We have implemented features unique to the needs of Amazon Sellers.

  • Helps prevent permanent suspension*
  • Alerts let you know if another agent is working a ticket
  • Autosaves draft as you type. Never lose a message again
  • Order Details directly attached to ticket
  • Unsend messages (accidents happen)
  • Remind Me Later - Never forget an issue again!
  • *by eliminating common customer service issues, improving organization and archiving all tickets in a searchable database ensures you can find any customer complaint related to a suspension to immediately address the concerns of both the customer and Amazon Seller Performance. Amazon Seller Central does not offer you this.

Limited Availability!

Order Data Directly in Ticket

When an Amazon ticket is received the Order details are automatically attached to the ticket so you don't have to leave Seller Desk to address the customers concern.

Other Orders by Customer

If the customer has ordered from you in the past Seller Desk will show you those orders as well as any previous tickets.

Negative Feedback Alerts

Seller Desk monitors your feedback and alerts you as soon as a negative feedback is received. Order details with quick links to Seller Central as well as a response form to immediately contact the customer are provided for your convenience.

Order Details - Amazon Ticket System

Seller Desk is about YOU and YOUR needs.

If there is a feature you would like to see or if you believe we can tweak the system to make it more efficient, more user-friendly or intuitive then we encourage you to send us your feedback

If you are accepted as a Early Beta User you will receive full access for free as long as we are in Beta. Once Beta launch is finished we will offer all Beta launch users a significant discount for life! We are dedicated to your success.

Draft Autosave

As you type a message reply SellerDesk automatically saves a draft in case your browser closes or you accidentally click out of the window. No more lost work!

Action History

Not only does SellerDesk timestamp who wrote the draft but also every action taken on a ticket. This increases eficiency and accountability.

Premade Message Templates

SellerDesk offers premade message templates so that you can quickly reply to common questions. Users can add their own Message and Autoreply templates as needed. Placeholder tags allow you to insert Order data, customer name, address, etc directly into message effortlessly

Autosave draft message - Amazon Buyer Seller Messages
Unsend Message - Amazon Seller Central

Unsend Messages

We all make mistakes, we don't judge you! But in Seller Desk mistakes can be rectified. So we created the Unsend feature and just like that, your customer will never know.

Label, Tags and Ticket Types

We offer you a multitude of options to quickly and efficiently Tag, Label and organize tickets. Tag a ticket as damaged or label as a problem customer. Tickets automatically are assigned a Type(General Question, Shipping, Damaged etc) when they come into Seller Desk based on the content of the ticket. This makes it easy to organize, view and deal with specific problems.

Assign Agents

Easily assign agents to a ticket or have Seller Desk automatically assign agents based on a set criteria as tickets come in.

Pricing for every business, at every stage

All pricing packages are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Plus a 15 day free trial. That is how confident we are in Seller Desk!

  • Mini
  • $15.00
  • Per Month
  • 2 Amazon Channel
  • 100 Messages
  • 3 Agents
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Sales Included
  • Baby Desk
  • $30.00
  • Per Month
  • 5 Amazon Channel
  • 300 Messages
  • 5 Agents
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Sales Included
  • Business Desk
  • $55.00
  • Per Month
  • 10 Amazon Channel
  • 1000 Messages
  • 15 Agents
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Sales Included

“We are so excited to be a part of this Beta. It has been so frustrating trying to manage customer inquiries through Amazon. Nobody knows what anyone else is doing. Almost impossible to keep track of issues that need further followup. So when Randall called and offered me an invite I was immediately hooked on the idea. Employee access control and action notifications (in Seller Desk) have helped us improve customer service exponentially!”

Meghan Thompson

Petlands Co.


The trusted solution for Amazon Sellers

negative feedback amazon - Seller Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Amazon actually encourages sellers to be proactive in using software to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Seller Desk abides by Amazon TOS and we encourage you to always do the same.
We are a small company that is dedicated to improving with your feedback. We have designed Seller Desk with Amazon sellers in mind. All the frustrations that would plague us as sellers we have attempted to address and mitigate through features built into our tool. It is our goal and commitment to improve the tool, add new services and features as we grow. The order management side is one of those features that will be fully released soon. Direct order integration with Shopify and eBay are soon to follow as well.
We have not decided on a definite time-frame for the Beta launch. It will be a minimum of 3 months. To be eligible you must operate a current Amazon Seller Central store with a professional account and must have at least 100 orders on average per month. Beta users will receive extreme discounts once Seller Desk finishes Beta launch.
There are many reasons we can think of:
-Increased efficiency
-Improved customer service and satisfaction
-Reduce errors and confusion among staff
-Accountability when responding to customers
-Search functionality that Amazon Seller Central does not have allows you to find old complaints that Seller Performance wants you to address
-Features like Remind Me Later prevent customers and issues from being forgotten. Reply to tickets but leave them Open Needing Action if they need follow-up.

But the biggest reason why you NEED Seller Desk is that our tool will actually decrease your chances of a permanent suspension. Not simply because of our amazing features that improve customer service but also the fact that our search is simple amazing. It will allow you to quickly search through tickets to find information that will prevent Amazon from permanently suspending you. Let us explain!

When Amazon suspends a seller they are often very ambigous. For instance they will sometimes reference an ASIN and a "customer complaint" but they don't tell you which customer, order or anything useful. Because we archive everything in every ticket, including Order data, ASIN, and product, you can easily search to find the ticket that Amazon is referencing and you can address Amazons concerns. This will greatly increase your chances of being re-enstated if you are ever suspended. So in a way Seller Desk is like an insurance policy as well.

See Seller Desk in Action

Now at the tip of your fingers are a host of features that are uniquely
designed to make you a better Seller.

Amazing Features

Just a few of the amazing features Seller Desk offers.

Built for Amazon, works with all!

While Seller Desk was built specifically with Amazon Sellers in mind, it will support all your helpdesk needs.

User Friendly

Software shouldn't be a chore to learn. Seller Desk is simple but power packed. Easy to learn, easy to use, easy on the eyes.

Smart Alerts

Get alerts when viewing a ticket that another agent has just updated/modified or replied to. And much more...

Cost Effective

Seller Desk is the most affordable solution and in our humble opinion the only solution for Amazon sellers.


Setup rules to autoassign tickets to agents based on specific criteria. Auto-assign a Ticket Type based on message. And more...

Agent Controls

You control what each agent can see and what privileges they have for each of your channels.

Get ready to discover all the benefits and secrets of our amazing software.

You have two options, there are always two options. You can grow and improve or you can stagnate and lose ground...

  • I want to grow my business.
  • I want to improve my customer service.
  • I want to make my customers happy.
  • I want to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.
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